Our Washing Instructions

Machine Wash With Mild Detergent
Wash your linens in cold or lukewarm water with a gentle liquid detergent. Avoid detergents such as Tide that contain bleach, ammonia or enzymes as they may cause damage & discolouration (Sunlight, Ivory and Le Blanc liquid detergents are all Au Lit approved!). Always wash cotton sateens on cold first to set the fibres.

Hang To Dry
Hanging to dry may seem daunting but it will ensure more longevity and less wrinkling. We suggest using the warm dryer for no more than ten to fifteen minutes, as the heat destroys the natural fibres of the fabric and will considerably shorten the lifespan of your linens. Smooth out or iron while damp. Simply hang the sheets on a folding rack.

What To Avoid
Avoid hot dryers, bleaches, fabric softeners, clothespins, and dryer sheets! All of these things can damage fine fibres and result in premature wear and tear. We also recommend avoiding detergent pods and powders, as they’ve been known to stain or fade fabrics. We strongly recommend using only gentle liquid detergent.